Rainfall Totals For 2023 Only

It is a bit hard to report rain totals when some storms last for days.  Some days it appears that it has rained but such a small drizzle falls, that my rain gauge fails to measure it.  Let me offer some rain totals day by day from notes I took but realize that the total rain total will increase each following day until the storm passes.  I have tried to box the days together for each storm total.  I have checked rain totals with friends that have rain gauges and have come to understand that the rainfall can vary quite a lot with just a few miles difference.  The rain totals shown here are at the north end of Placentia.  I call this area the Placentia Indian Reservation because all the streets here have Indian names.  Other parts of Placentia should have slightly different rain totals.  I have a friend living 2.2 miles west of my house in Brea.  He showed me his rain gauge received just over 3 inches of rain for January 18, while my rain gauge showed just under 3 inches of rain.   It seems further the distance between rain gauges, the rain totals can vary even more!


January 1:  1.4 inches.

This storm total:  1.4 inches.  (This rain fall was part of a storm that started days before but we only show the first day in 2023 that rain falls.)

Where in Orange County did New Year’s Eve rain hit hardest?


January 3:  0.6 inches

January 4:  .42 inches.

January 5:   1.8 inches.  (Shows 3 total days of rainfall)

This storm total:  1.8 inches.


January 9:  1.5 inches.

January 10:  2.54 inches, shows two days of total rainfall.

This storm total:  2.54 inches.


January 14: 1.47 inches

January 15:  2.28 inches

January 16:  2.91 inches (shows all 3 days total rain fall)

This storm total:  2.91 inches.

Single day of light rain, January 19:  .20 inches of rain.


Two days of very light rain:

January 29:  Rain was so seldom and very light that it was hard to determine how much rain fell each day.  So only a total rainfall is shown for the last day.

January 30:  0.04 inches total.

This storm total:  0:04 inches.


February 22,   .06 inches of rain

February 23, 24, 25   3.91 inches of rain.

February 26, 27, 28.      .77 inches of rain.

March 1 & 2.  1.51 inches of rain.

March 4.  .94 inches of rain

March 5.   .02 inches of rain.

March 7.  1.17 inches of rain.

March 8.  2.70 inches of rain.  (This is rain total for March 7 and 8).

March 19.  0.3 inches of rain to be added to next day total.

March 20.    .42 inches of rain to be added to next day total.

March 21. 2.05 rain total for both March 20 and 21 to be added to March 22.

March 22  3.07 inches of rain for March 20, 21 and 22.

March 29.      .59 inches of rain during the morning.   

March 30.      .34 inches of rain.  Event total for March 29  and March 30  is  (.59 + .34) = 0.93 inches of rain.

April 12 and April 13.   .08 inches inches of drizzle.

April 14.    .01 inches of drizzle

May 23, 2023. .02 inches of rain from coastal drizzle.

May 24, 2023. .03 inches of rain due to costal drizzle.

June 4 and 5.   0.01 inches of rain.  Very light drizzle.

June 15 2023.  0.03 inches of rain.  Morning drizzle.

August 10, 2023.  0.0 inches.  A cyclone that came up to the west side of Mexico, stalled and moved northward toward California was expected to provide some rain to southern California but our weather station measured no rainfall.

August 20, 2023:  A very unusual weather event impacted Southern California.  A hurricane named Hilary came up from Baja Mexico and it’s path was expected to come into the south west corner of California, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County and move north by north east into Utah and Nevada.
Our weather station failed to measure any rainfall because our weather station uses a very small water collection cup that rocks back and forth.  I had to take the weather station apart and clean that rain cup.  So, I missed the first amount of rainfall.  I use a rain collection device to record the rainfall up to the point that I repaired the weather station.  

Rain total August 21, 2023 = 3 inch.  See image below.

Final rainfall for post-tropical cyclone Hilary.


September 1, 2023 = 0.05 inches.

September 2, 2023 = 0.02 inches.

September 10, 2023 = 0.040 inches.


I apologize for not taking care of weather station batteries that had run out of power and thus failed to capture the rainfall prior to December 21, 2023.  The batteries were replaced that day,   Here is the total rainfall just prior to the battery failure, using our visual rain gauge.


GRAND TOTAL:  26.45 inches total so far this year. 



Posted: 1-16-2023
Updated: September 10,, 2023

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