• Performs alterations.
  • Custom Tailoring For Men & Women
  • Hours:
    • Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM
    • Saturday: 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Located
    1422 N. Kraemer Blvd.
    Placentia, California   92870
  • Phone: 714-528-9551

I was impressed with this place for altering some men’s shorts that had too large a waist.  I had visited a nearby shop to get a price quote and was told they would charge $20.  I had 4 shorts that needed to be altered.  That price was almost the cost that I paid for the shorts.  The lady that cuts my hair recommended Diane’s Tailoring so I brought my shorts over to her store and she quoted me a price of $12 to alter each of my shorts.  She had me change into the shorts within a dressing room and when I walked out she examined the shorts and appeared to mark the shorts in some way.  The shorts would be completed in just a couple of days and after I picked them up and tried them on at home they were PERFECT!  I was so happy!



Posted: 11-12-2022


Placentia California Library Used Book Sale


Once you enter the front entrance to the Placentia Library you must walk down a short hallway.  On your right is a short hallway which displays a very large selection of used books for sale.

There is even a FREE choice of some books (image below).

Image taken November 12, 2022.
Please note that books on this FREE rack will change with time.

There is also a separate room with a well organized, by broad categories, of books for you to buy.

This is where you pay for used books that are NOT free.


November 10, 2022 the library was donated two boxes of Korean young people books.  These books probably will be offered for sale for 50 cents each.


Posted: 11-9-2022
Updated 11-12-2022

Rainfall Total For North Placentia, California, November 2022.

This is part of an Ambient WS-2000 weather station readout.
Weather Station Shows 2.07 Inches Of Rain Fall.

A weather station located within the Indian Named Streets which is located at the north end of Placentia, California, had a total of 2.07 inches of rain for the beginning of November up to the 9th, 2022.  Other parts of Orange County had significant different rain totals.   The image above shows only the rainfall measurements from a Ambient WS-2000 weather station display screen.



Posted:  11-9-2022