Staples Offers Free Covid-19 Vaccination Card Services

Staples, Office Depot offer to laminate Covid-19 vaccination cards for free.   I took my Covid-19 vaccination card to the Stapes in Brea at 2375 E. Imperial Highway and asked that the rather large vaccination card that was given to me be reduced in size and laminated.  I needed this because the card given to me was a bit too large for my wallet and the edges of the card were getting ruined.  They did a perfect job of shrinking the size of the card and laminated it.  Next I wanted the original card to also be laminated and that was also done.  This all was done for FREE!  I am not sure how long this free service will be provided.  You might want to call them to check, 714-672-9384.





    Need To Ship Anything?

    We realize that this business is NOT in Placentia but because it offers a unique service and is not that far a distance from our city, we decided to include it.  Our map shows about 17 mile drive, one way.

    I became aware of the Packaging Store when I needed to wrap eleven original oil paintings that had no glass to protect the oil.  The paintings needed to be placed into a vehicle and driven about 93 miles to the new home.  I did some significant research and then found the Packaging Store where they sell an excellent selection of different materials for you to wrap just about any item for shipping or storage.  They advised that I should only allow Glassine paper or wax paper to possibly touch the oil on the painting. Then I should put bubble wrap around the painting as a second layer and put the painting in a box.  I should stack the paintings vertically and not allow them to lie down.  This store had all three items, paper, bubble wrap and boxes.

    Packaging Store
    17895 Sky Park Circle #B
    Irvine, California, 92614
    Phone:  949-752-8468
    Fax:  949-254-5427

    Their web site shows they offer these services:

    We specialize in professionally packaging and shipping Fragile, Large, Awkward & Valuable items such as
    Computers, Servers, Copiers and other Business Machines, Scientific / Medical Equipment, Industrial Machinery
    and Parts, Custom Artwork Packing / Crating, Antiques Packing, Antiques Shipping, Furniture Packing & Shipping,
    Fragile Household items, Family Heirlooms and Collectibles to US or international destinations.



    Posted June 30, 2020
    Revised July 1, 2020


    Why Should High School Students Vote?

    1. It’s your right.
    2. Your vote matters.
    3. Shape the social agenda.
    4. Economic policies will affect your future.
    5. Help shape foreign policy.
    6. Have your say on environmental issues.
    7. You’re part of an important voting bloc.
    8. Politicians won’t address student needs without student votes.
    9. Demonstrate concern for the next generation.
    10. Honor past sacrifices.

    By Douglas Fehlen

    If you are 17 now, you will be able to vote in the next election in 2020!



    Online Pre-registration for 16 and 17 year olds, who live in California is available NOW!



    All Orange County ballots will come in the mail, and the new Vote Centers in OC will provide any needed voter services or assistance.

    2019 National Night Out event (scheduled for August 6th), will be cancelled

    Dear Community Partner,

    On behalf of the Placentia Police Department, we are unfortunately reaching out to inform you that the 2019 National Night Out event (scheduled for August 6th), will be cancelled due to logistical complications that the department has not been able to overcome.

    With the time invested in planning for this year’s event, we did not come to this decision easily; however, the cancellation was needed to ensure that we did not have any unforeseen complications during the event. The Placentia Police Department is committed to hosting only the highest-quality events that our residents, vendors, and partners deserve, and due to challenges outside of our control, we are not able to host at this caliber.

    In lieu of hosting National Night Out this year, the department will be hosting an Open House at the remodeled Placentia Police Station in the beginning of 2020. Once an exact date has been determined, we will reach out to all vendors and organizations for collaboration during the Open House. To meet the communities expectations, the Command Staff within the Police Department has committed to hosting National Night Out in 2020, and planning for the event will begin late 2019!

    In closing, the department would like to thank you for your time and energy during this planning effort. Your support, dedication, and efforts for the Police Department, and this community, are appreciated and valued. We look forward to collaborating soon.

    Thank you,

    Steven Torrence,

    Placentia CERT Community Engagement Meeting

    On July 10th at 7pm, Placentia CERT will be hosting our first Community Engagement Meeting!! Bring your neighbor, a friend, and your family to learn about the program, meet fellow CERT members, and learn how the City’s program is growing!

    City of Placentia City Hall
    401 E Chapman Ave.
    Placentia, California  92870

    July 10, 2019
    7pm to 8:30pm

    Food and snacks will be provided!

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    Placentia First OC City to Leave Fire Authority and Form its Own Fire Department

    “Placentia became the first city to completely exit the Orange County Fire Authority and form its own fire department Wednesday morning when the City Council voted 3-1 for the move, despite protests from virtually every firefighter union in OC.”

    “I think change or potential for change create fear or nervousness for folks … it’s a little unnerving and it’s a particularly sensitive subject,” Councilman Ward Smith, retired Placentia police chief, said before the nearly 1 a.m. vote.
    To read more go to

    Fire Stations and Ambulatory services in Placentia may change!

     To all residents of Yorba Linda and Placentia,  please read the following notice regarding the future of the Fire Stations and Ambulatory services in Placentia. There will be a meeting tonight regarding the future of these critical services in our city and it is important that we get as many people as we can to attend and fight for our right to have a professionally trained and operated Fire House and Ambulatory Services.  Please consider coming to the meeting tonight,

    Tuesday 7:00 pm
    Placentia City Council Meeting
    401 East Chapman Avenue
    Placentia, CA

    MONDAY, 03 JUNE 2019


    Dear citizens and visitors of Placentia:

    The City of Placentia and their City Council meeting scheduled for tomorrow night (Tuesday, June 4) will include an item on the agenda that City Councilmembers will vote on which, if passed by the Council, will start the process to terminate the long-term relationship that has been developed with the Orange County Fire Authority and the City of Placentia. Instead, effective July 1, 2020, the City of Placentia hopes to have the newly created Placentia Fire and Life Safety Department, which would include a long-term, multimillion-dollar contract with a private ambulance company – Lynch EMS, Inc. (also known as the Lynch Ambulance Company), to provide all responses to medical related emergencies in Placentia with private paramedics providing patient care and transport.

    If the Placentia City Council votes to move in this direction, they are putting the health and safety of their residents in jeopardy. Period.

    Not only is it not practical for the City of Placentia to establish their own fire protection and suppression agency in just over 12 months, but entering into a contract with a private ambulance company that has never been a first responder in providing 911 emergency medical services for any city in Orange County is a reckless gamble that the residents of Placentia will be forced to endure.

    For more than 20 years, the OCFA has been providing first class fire protection, suppression, and advanced emergency medical services in the City of Placentia, working out of Fire Stations 34 and 35. When Placentia residents call 911, they have been able to count on the rapid arrival of experienced, trained, and committed Firefighters and Paramedics from the OCFA to respond and save lives and property on a daily basis.

    The OCFA has a well-deserved reputation as being one of the finest All Hazards Fire Departments in the entire State of California. We currently provide service in 23 Orange County cities (soon to be 24 with the addition of Garden Grove this summer) and the unincorporated areas of our cou nty. We are proud of the fact that from the time of our inception, not a single city has left the Orange County Fire Authority – because of our unparalleled experience, resources, and service that we provide at an affordable rate for our member cities.

    The Placentia City Council will hold their regularly scheduled meeting tomorrow night, on Tuesday, June 4th. Here is the information:

    Placentia City Council Meeting
    401 East Chapman Avenue
    Placentia, CA
    7:00 pm start time

    Agenda item #3B includes the recommendation that the Placentia City Council take the necessary steps to establish their own fire department and contract out EMS services to a private ambulance company with NO history of responding to 911 emergencies in residential communities. In fact, in their written proposal to the City of Placentia, Lynch EMS Inc. writes, “the patients we transport, by policy, are already under the care of a physician in a n ursing care facility or acute care hospital.”

    Lynch EMS is similar to most private ambulance companies in Southern California. They are staffed with young, inexperienced EMTs and Paramedics whom are poorly paid, receive minimal benefits, and experience constant employee turnover with EMTs and Paramedics that are quite often in the process of applying to professional fire departments like the OCFA. For a small snapshot of some of the employee reviews that were found on regarding Lynch EMS, please visit this link:

    For those of you who live in Placentia or have family and/or friends who live in this city, we strongly encourage you to attend the City Council meeting tomorrow night and express your concerns about the dramatic change in fire protection and emergency medical services that the City Council will be voting on. We also encourage you to contact the elected officials in Placentia and let them know about your concerns. These elected officials need to hear from their constituents. They are:

    Mayor Rhonda Shader. Email Address:
    Mayor Pro Tempore Ward Smith. Email Address:
    Councilmember Craig Green. Email Address:
    Councilmember Chad P. Wanke. Email Address:
    Councilmember Jeremy B. Yamaguchi:

    Those who care about the health and wellbeing of the more than 50,000 residents of the City of Placentia should be asking a few very important questions:

    1) Why is Placentia the only city looking to leave the Orange County Fire Authority, just as 23 other Orange County cities are happy with the service that they receive at the rate that they are charged?

    2) How does the City of Placentia intend to establish their own Fire Department in just one year, considering the fact that it typically takes at least a year to properly screen applications for Firefighter positions, conduct background investigations, and complete a rigorous training academy?

    3) In November of 2018 – less than one year ago, Placentia residents overwhelmingly voted to pass Measure U, which implement a one cent sales tax with the promise that this new funding would “Provide funding for essential city services…including quick responses to 911 emergencies… (and) fire protection/emergency medical services.” How is this not a “bait and switch” as voters supported a measure to increase revenue for the City of Placentia by approximately $5 million per year to support core city serv ices, when the number one priority of local government is public safety and leaving the OCFA for a private ambulance provider and the establishment of a currently non-existent fire department will most certainly jeopardize the public safety of Placentia families?

    Our longtime Firefighters and Paramedics working out of Fire Stations 34 and 35 – and all of the members of the OCFA – are committed to the people of Placentia. If Placentia decides to leave the OCFA, our Fire Authority will move forward and remain one of the largest, strongest, and most financially viable fire departments in California. This fight is not about us or the Orange County Fire Authority. This is about the people of Placentia who we have been committed to for more than 20 years. THEY will be the ones to suffer if this half-baked proposal moves forward. They deserve better than this.

    We hope that our members can spread the word to Placentia residents and stakeholders that they need to speak up and speak out against this terrible proposal. Leaving the OCFA will not save Placentia money and it will not deliver better services. It will only leave their residents in a dangerous situation when it comes to public safety.

    So please take a few minutes to share this message with others who will contact Placentia city leaders and attend the City Council meeting tomorrow night to let their voices be heard.

    In Solidarity,

    Your Orange County Professional Firefighters

    RACES Meeting Notes, May 8, 2018

    Emergency Vests: 

    • The vests were ordered April 2, 2018.
    • It takes 6 to 8 weeks to make a vest because they are made when ordered and cut from raw materials.  We were told that the University of California, Berkley has ordered 200 of these vests.
    • Being manufactured in Canada, shipping of the vest may be delayed for border inspection.
    • We have contacted the company to find out the progress of this order.

    Status on funds for EOC radios:

    • The purchase for these radios has been inserted into the city purchase process.

    Field Day: 

    • Date: June 23-24.
    • Placentia RACES will only work the event Saturday only.   We will not participate Sunday.
    • Location for Placentia RACES to work this event is city hall.
    • The city emergency command vehicle has been requested.

    National Night Out: 

    • Temporarily canceled due to lack of funds.

    Next Meeting:

    • Tuesday, June 12, 2018 at 7PM.
    • Radio Check-in June 12 at 6:45.  Use repeater 449.680 (-) with PL 131.3 Hz.  Please note that there were problems with this repeater during May meeting.  If you have a dual band radio, it would be wise to also monitor Placentia simplex frequency, 145.645, as this will be used in case the repeater is not working.