Staples Offers Free Covid-19 Vaccination Card Services

Staples, Office Depot offer to laminate Covid-19 vaccination cards for free.   I took my Covid-19 vaccination card to the Stapes in Brea at 2375 E. Imperial Highway and asked that the rather large vaccination card that was given to me be reduced in size and laminated.  I needed this because the card given to me was a bit too large for my wallet and the edges of the card were getting ruined.  They did a perfect job of shrinking the size of the card and laminated it.  Next I wanted the original card to also be laminated and that was also done.  This all was done for FREE!  I am not sure how long this free service will be provided.  You might want to call them to check, 714-672-9384.





    Need To Ship Anything?

    We realize that this business is NOT in Placentia but because it offers a unique service and is not that far a distance from our city, we decided to include it.  Our map shows about 17 mile drive, one way.

    I became aware of the Packaging Store when I needed to wrap eleven original oil paintings that had no glass to protect the oil.  The paintings needed to be placed into a vehicle and driven about 93 miles to the new home.  I did some significant research and then found the Packaging Store where they sell an excellent selection of different materials for you to wrap just about any item for shipping or storage.  They advised that I should only allow Glassine paper or wax paper to possibly touch the oil on the painting. Then I should put bubble wrap around the painting as a second layer and put the painting in a box.  I should stack the paintings vertically and not allow them to lie down.  This store had all three items, paper, bubble wrap and boxes.

    Packaging Store
    17895 Sky Park Circle #B
    Irvine, California, 92614
    Phone:  949-752-8468
    Fax:  949-254-5427

    Their web site shows they offer these services:

    We specialize in professionally packaging and shipping Fragile, Large, Awkward & Valuable items such as
    Computers, Servers, Copiers and other Business Machines, Scientific / Medical Equipment, Industrial Machinery
    and Parts, Custom Artwork Packing / Crating, Antiques Packing, Antiques Shipping, Furniture Packing & Shipping,
    Fragile Household items, Family Heirlooms and Collectibles to US or international destinations.



    Posted June 30, 2020
    Revised July 1, 2020