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The theme of this web site is to help promote businesses within Placentia, California that may be considered out of the ordinary, special in some way, unique to some.  It is reasoned that these unusual or special businesses might not get the normal customer attention and resulting sales.  We are here to help even the score.  Also, we may include any business that is a star within the city for it’s products.

Contact the web master if you think you have a unique business located within the city limits of Placentia, Calif.  Please include the following:

  • Business Name
  • Address
  • Phone
  • Hours your doors are open for business.
  • Type of product or service you provide.
  • Description that reads well on a web page = short and meaningful.  The reader needs to know why they should visit your place of business. Is it unique in any way?
  • Web site address.
  • NOTE: You do not need to provide an image of your business.  We will come out and take a picture.

Contact the web master if the information for your business, within this web site, needs correction or rewording.

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