Control Operator

A control operator is considered in control of the radio channel,  typically at the city EOC (Emergency Command Center) and takes in the reports from remote location FRS and ham radio operators.  The control operator would usually be at the city EOC but could be at the emergency command vehicle.  If a huge disaster takes out the city EOC, the control operator might be at any location.  A control operator can be assigned at any time for that duty.  Because FRS radios use lower power and typically have less effective communications distance, a ham radio operator may be assigned to be YOUR control operator.  Your control operator, from time to time, might call your name and have you check in.  This is to make sure you are ok.  They want to make sure you are still with the program, and see if you have any needs.  If for any reason, you need to go off the air, let the control operator know.  When you come back on frequency, let the control operator know, you are back.  If you change your location significantly, let the control operator know.

About Donald McLaren

BA degree at California State University at Fullerton. Worked at CSUF for about 40 years as a technician responsible for the repair, maintenance of the RTVF television studio, edit bays and equipment checkout. Lectured and instructed studio and location lighting. Currently retired.
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