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BA degree at California State University at Fullerton. Worked at CSUF for about 40 years as a technician responsible for the repair, maintenance of the RTVF television studio, edit bays and equipment checkout. Lectured and instructed studio and location lighting. Currently retired.

Triage Web Sites

Triage is the assignment of degrees of urgency to wounds or illnesses to decide the order of treatment of a large number of patients or casualties.  The implication here is you are faced with a LOT of casualties and to … Continue reading

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Recommended Web Sites For Bleeding Control

Bleeding Control Org StopTheBleed  View a short, about 5 minute, video to learn how to stop bleeding.

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CERT People To Reconnect With City

The City of Placentia is working to coordinate CERT people along with RACES members. We are in the process of trying to identify all those who have been CERT trained in the city. If you were CERT trained and have … Continue reading

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Control Operator

A control operator is considered in control of the radio channel,  typically at the city EOC (Emergency Command Center) and takes in the reports from remote location FRS and ham radio operators.  The control operator would usually be at the … Continue reading

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How To Handle Emergency Messages

Following are some major points to consider when handling emergency communications.  If you find yourself dealing with an emergency, the natural tendency for a lot of people is to get excited and loose composure.  Try real hard to relax, size … Continue reading

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FRS Radios Should Be Used By CERT

If you received CERT training and are not a ham radio operator, you are strongly encouraged to get a FRS radio.  FRS stands for Family Radio Service. These radios are very cheap and easy to use. They do not require … Continue reading

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