Become A Ham

There are quite a few paths you can follow to become a ham radio operator.  We will list just a few but take note that there are way more options:
•    Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL)
This organization is dedicated toward supporting ham radio.  It offers some terrific learning materials.
•    Gordon West Radio School
Gordon West, for years has offered classes that almost guarantee you will pass the FCC exam and get your license.  This will cost you money and time in class.
•    Local city radio classes.
Local ham radio classes might be offered near your home or work. Placentia, City offers a ham radio class about once a year. The cost is for the books and the test only. Book mark this web site to see when the next class will be taught.

To get to become a ham radio operator, you will need to pass a FCC ham radio exam.  Passing this exam is the single entry requirement.  In theory, you only need to answer the test questions correctly to get your license.  The test will cost you typically $15 to take.
Find Ham Radio License Exam Sessions

There are three ham radio level licenses.  The beginning, or lowest, license is Technician followed by General and lastly, Amateur Extra.  If you are new to ham radio, we strongly recommend that you study for the Technician class license because it is the easiest of the three levels.  Each level going upward from Technician to Extra gives you added license capabilities.  Almost all the work you will be required to do with Placentia RACES only requires a Technician Class.