Purpose of RACES

Welcome to Placentia, California, Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service (RACES). It is the purpose of Placentia RACES to provide emergency communications for the city of Placentia, California in case some event takes down normal communications assets.  All members of this group are volunteers. All members typically have their own equipment. The city also has ham radio equipment at the city hall and on board their emergency command vehicle.  RACES members are tasked to communicate to the city leadership situation reports from various locations in the city, in case a disaster takes place.  Placentia RACES members may be dispatched to nearby cities to help those communities.  RACES members are also tasked to offer city CERT individuals and CERT groups communications if they do not have FRS radios.  Because FRS radios might not make connection to the Placentia city hall and county offices, the RACES members need to step in and solve this problem.

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