Helping The Homeless

NOTE:  This web page is under construction and changes will be made when needed and time allows.

Please be advised that this list of resources, shown below, is one individual’s personal experience, named Don.  This person is not homeless but began helping some homeless individuals to discover how awful the homeless situation is.  This person’s reviews are his personal uneducated evaluations and should only be taken as casual referrals and not with any claim of immense importance.  

Please be aware that if you are starting out tying to find a solution for a homeless person, you should consider first contacting from the list below the agencies that know the possible solutions for you and can make referrals that work for you.

Don’s experience trying to find homeless solutions has come up empty so far for two individuals.  You can spend hours, even days calling around and come up with no resolution.   

Note:  Some homeless people that have stayed in a shelter and loath the experience and will not accept that as an option for a number of reasons:

  • Loud snoring.
  • No privacy.
  • Theft.
  • Other

Don has interviewed two homeless individuals and BOTH refuse to go into a shelter.  Don called the Placentia Police to tell them they have a homeless person very close to their building and what can be done.  He was told that Placentia has a police officer that takes care of this problem. In a very short time three police officers met with the homeless lady and Don, thinking that the issue would be resolved, left.  As he was driving away he noticed that all three police officers were leaving the homeless women.  The next day Don met with the lady and she said that they offered her shelter but she refused due to bad past experiences.

Analyze the homeless person’s personal situation, factors that can add or subtract from gaining a solution for this person: 

  • Is this person married?  (if married, why is the married partner not helping?)
  • Does this person have children?  If there are children, what are the ages?  Can they help?
  • Does this person have relatives?  If there are close relatives, can any of them help?
  • What is the level of education?  
  • Can this person work?
  • Does this person have a profession?
  • Did this person work for government or business that offers retirement benefits?
  • Does this person have any current disability?
  • Does this person have any health problems?  How severe?  Is immediate medical help required?
  • Does this person have a cell phone and does it work?  This is very important because most agencies that help the homeless need to talk to the homeless person  and the homeless person needs to be able to receive a call back to their personal phone.
  • Is this person properly clothed?  Does this person have the necessary clothing for sleeping outside at night?
  • Does this person have a personal shelter solution for night time?
  • Does this person receive any government financial support?
  • Does this person own assets that are worth money such as a house, land, stocks, bonds?
  • Does the person have mental issues?
  • Is this person getting enough food and liquids?

The following list of possible agencies, shown below, to help you finding a solution, is in no order of importance:

****   211

Phone: 211
Resources:  They claim being about to refer a total of over 3 thousand non profits and  government agencies.


Don’s Notes:  Very good phone conversation.

The person I talked to can screen your call such that you tell them what your needs are and they try to find solution(s).  

**** Grand Mother’s House of Hope

Phone:  714-558-8600

Intake Number:  714-455-9528


Don’s Notes:  I was struck with the ease to get a live person on the phone and then have that person take the time to listen and respond as best they could to my questions.

This agency helped an older women friend get housing.  But, for me, helping an older lady, their housing was full and their wait list was to capacity.

Mercy House

Phone:  714-836-7188


Mercy House provides housing and comprehensive supportive services for a variety of homeless populations. Our Goal is Simple: To end the cycle of homelessness of those who enter our system of care.


Don’s Notes:  No one answered when I chose the option to speak with the operator.


Phone:  714-596-1380


The mission at Colette’s Children’s Home is to provide homeless single women and homeless mothers with children and safe home and nurturing environment where they obtain compassionate support and services needed to achieve self-sufficiency. CCH provides clients assistance in securing employment within 30 days of entering the program.


Don’s Notes:  A person answered the phone right away.  They will offer help for about two weeks.  They require that any person they help be able to work at least 32 hours a week after the initial two weeks.

City Net Orange County Homeless Outreach

Phone: 714-451-6198 



Don’s Notes:  When I called I was not connected to anyone but had to leave a message.


Idea for helping a homeless person during really bad weather.  Pay to put a person into a reasonable cost hotel or motel for the length of the storm:

October 25, 2021 a significant rain storm was beginning to arrive in southern California.  It occurred to Don to put a homeless man, Don knows, into a hotel for the night.  The use of a credit card was not considered because what if the homeless person decided to stay extra days?  Don’s credit card would be charged.  Don found a hotel that would take cash.  Extended Stay America, Orange County, Brea, quoted a reasonable price of just under $100 per night.  I had to hand over $120 to the homeless person to cover any extra expenses such as tax.  This solution seemed to work.  But, Donald has no proof for making any tax deduction.



Posted October 27, 2021
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