Parade date is October 9th 2021.

Contact Person: 

Ham Operators meeting:  7:00 AM at Tuffree Junior High

The Parade starts at 9:30 AM

Parade End:  estimating at 12:00 Noon

Band Review is on Palm Drive. 

The parade starts at Yorba Linda Blvd and Kreamer then heads up Kreamer to Golden where it ends.

There will be booths and displays in Tri-City Park along with a car show.

We are requesting Dual-band radios just in case we need them. We will be using the OC RACES repeater during the parade to provide complete coverage. 

Repeater 449.680 MHz (-) PL 131.8 Hz 

Simplex 145.645 MHz.

Expect to spend 5 hours to support the parade.

Mark.   KG6CAV

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